Kyle Park is set to make his very first appearance at The Mule Barn Cantina, Friday night March 18th. You can get your tickets HERE or at the door. You can reserve your tables by calling  (432) 219-6983. The Mule Barn Cantina is located at 7400 W County Rd 116 in Midland.

The Mule Barn
The Mule Barn

The Mule Barn Cantina opened its doors in late November and offers lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Don't forget about Happy Hour, they have Happy Hour every weekday from 3 pm-7 pm.

You can also find live music each week at The Mule Barn Cantina. Here is their upcoming lineup.

March 11th Jordan Nix

March 18th Kyle Park

March 24th Brian Milson

March 25th Slade Coulter

April 1st Kin Faux

May 6th Bart Crow

LoneStar 92 will have your chance to win tickets all next week so be listening.

Check out the latest single from Kyle Park, What's Your Drinking Song

The official video will be released March 16th and you will be able to check it out below

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