We all love Koe Wetzel! But we all know we can never know what to expect when it comes to Koe. I mean, Koe Wetzel Day is the day he got a DWI on the way to Taco Bell. Koe Wetzel is who he is and that is why fans love him.

Over the last few weeks, Koe Wetzel has been teasing his fans about new music and hopefully a new album. So what does Koe do? He decides he is going to throw a party to share his new music with his fans. One might think he would do it at his own bar called Riot Room in Fort Worth but he decided on a different location in Austin.

  At 9 pm he made another post on his X account letting people know that the party was not happening, it had been canceled because he was kicked out of the bar.  What that? How was Koe kicked out of his own party?

Some fans expressed their frustration for not being able to see Koe and others laughed it off because just like his new song "Damn Near Normal, it was par for the course for Koe Wetzel.   But of course, Koe couldn't leave the story by just saying the show was canceled he had one choice word for the venue....

So What Happened?

After Whiskey Riff originally posted the new Sam's Point Tavern reached out to tell their side of the story......

According to Whiskey Riff, Sam's Point Tavern said Koe and his crew showed up unannounced to use the venue for a photoshoot. Ramsay, whom Koe referred to in his tweet called Koe and asked if he wanted to perform and he said no.

So was all of this just a ploy to draw attention to Koe's new music and Sam's Point Tavern? If it was it was a great idea because it has everyone talking about it and Koe Wetzel fans wanting more.

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