I was walking down the street the other day and saw a child on a tricycle riding down the sidewalk by my house. He was peddling pretty slowly and talking on a cell phone! and I remember thinking "Wow!! He can't be any older than 3 or 4... And he's on a smartphone?! Is that too early an age?". Our parents wouldn't have let us touch those til we were 17.... So it made me wonder what YOU think.....

On Monday's show: Kids and Cell Phones.... What age is too early for kids to have their own smartphone? Should they have to wait til they're 18 to have one? With parents for the most part no longer having land lines and the need for them to be able to be in contact with their kids... At what age is it ok? You could compare it to when WE were kids--we weren't always accessible or reachable to our parents throughout the day outside of a school day  during the summer months, or when school was out. We were off in the neighborhood playing with friends or riding our bikes. Times are different now and parents are different now and being connected adds a sense of safety and comfort-knowing that in order to check-up on things all you need to do is pick up your smartphone.

Not only can you call or text to see where they are or how they're doing, but there are apps now that track where the phone is so you know where they are. But the question is--Is it too over the top? Does it add to the "helicopter parent" mentality that exists in so many neighborhoods and cities all across the Permian Basin and in America in general? Let us know what YOU think on the subject at 8:10am on Monday! Call in at 432-561-8336 or 432-563-8-923.

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