Many times--not ALL the time--but many times..... When you work on radio and a concert comes to town and it's an artist your station plays--you get to go. Sometimes you even get to attend a meet and greet and get your picture or an autograph with said artist. And when you have a significant other--and they absolutely love that artist--you bring them along. So--when Kevin Sharp came around on tour in 1999, we went. And it turned out to be one of the more interesting nights I'd experienced doing things like this. Well--in an unexpected way, that is.

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The Meet and greet was to take place AFTER the show (unusual, because most do it before so that when the show's over they can hit the shower and relax after). But Kevin was different. So-we watched and enjoyed, sang along... And afterward-got in line with everyone else to get to meet the band and Kevin. It just so happened we were last in line--so once everyone else had their turn-we walked up. And it was just my wife Traci and I (which is funny because Kevin's wife was named Traci too) and the band.

We walked up, shook Kevin's hand, and started to talk to him about his journey with cancer, the Make A Wish experience, and his upcoming album. It was somewhere in this conversation that my wife's attention was diverted to our right by Kevin's keyboard player. He had reached out while we were talking to Kevin, shook her hand and introduced himself--and proceeded to walk her a few steps away by hand from the rest of us and chat her up......

I kept talking to Kevin and enjoyed getting to hear about his experiences and all he had overcome to be where he was at the time. When we finished, I walked over, put my arms around my wife and said "Are you ready to go?". And she shook his hand and off we went. He had actually asked her for her number, thinking we were just on a date. When he found out we were married, it didn't seem to phase him and he kept chatting her up. But that night wouldn't end in his favor. Those band guys just don't have it over us radio folk LOL..... At least--THAT night they didn't.

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