It may not feel like it outside -- depending on where you live! -- but summer is coming to a close. While some country fans can't wait for colder nights, Halloween candy and all things pumpkin spice, others may wish to give the warmer weather one last hurrah. Read on for a last taste of summer in the form of these scorching-hot new country tunes! 

Kane Brown, "Short Skirt Weather": 

Kane Brown is treating fans who pre-order his soon-to-be-released sophomore album, Experiment, to a fun-loving new instant grat track. "Short Skirt Weather" is an appreciation of the women who rock short skirts during the warmer months. Although the seasons might be changing, throughout the song, Brown sings about how his lady can work it in the summer sun: “Oh, my baby’s made for short skirt weather / Yeah, she make me wish summer would just go on forever," he sings. " From them yellow polka dots, blue jeans and leather / Oh, my baby’s made for short skirt weather.”

Lena Stone, "October":

Lena Stone’s latest single, “October,” is a sweet send-off to a past romance. Throughout the song, Stone beautifully compares her relationship with an ex-flame to what the month of October means for the close of summer. Stone is able to both convey the pain of the relationship ending and also appreciate that it occured to begin with all in one fell swoop; The delicate strings present throughout the song help create a romantic, dream-like vibe. "October" was penned by Stone with help from her friends and fellow songwriters, Savannah Keyes and Simon Reid.

Gretchen Wilson, "Stacy":

Gretchen Wilson’s "Stacy" is a song about those women who get a little too invested in new relationships before they even get off the ground. Right from the start of the traditional-sounding song, Wilson lays out just how passionate Stacy is about any new man who comes into her life: “Twenty-five times he's hit decline on his cell phone / Quit driving by 'cause you cry every time when he ain't home / I know you saw a diamond ring, babies and an SUV / Bless your little broken heart and how you fall apart.” “I definitely had someone in mind when I was writing it. I think my co-writers did too! That’s the beauty of this song … Everybody knows a Stacy!” Wilson says in a press release. “Stacy” was written by Wilson along with Bridgette Tatum and Rob Hatch.

Kid Rock, "Po Dunk":

Kid Rock’s “Po Dunk” is a song about a different way of life -- one that’s sometimes judged, or even called trashy. In the song, Rock highlights those things that people normally look down on and makes it clear that he doesn’t care what they think: “And that's po (po) dunk (dunk) / Don't give a flying hillbilly f--k / I said po (po) dunk (dunk) / House full of youngins and a yard full of junk,” Rock sings in the energy-laden chorus, celebrating the lifestyle while telling off the haters. “Love us if you can, sorry if you can't / Holla if you is, shut up if you ain't / Po-oh-oh-oh-whoaoh, po-dunk!” “Po Dunk” will hit country radio on Oct. 8.

Jessie James Decker, "Boots":

Jessie James Decker makes her confidence known in her latest single, “Boots.” In the song, a self-assured Decker sings that other people could never make it in her shoes; In fact, she doesn’t even think they could put them on. “Come on, tonight / I'm daring you to walk a mile in my boots,” Decker sings. “Bring it on, just try / I bet you couldn't even strap 'em up on right / You've got your little friends, I hear 'em talkin’ / But talking ain't the same as walking a mile in my boots …

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