Josh Grider's new song is just what country music fans need right now. In "Good People," the singer assures listeners that despite the daily parade of bad news and terrible headlines, "there's still good people in the world."

Set to an upbeat, sunny track that's seasoned with just the right balance of sprightly acoustic guitars and a more modern electric lead line, "Good People" is a feel-good track from the word go, and Grider emphasizes that in the lyrics. One can almost see him shaking his head ruefully as he begins, "You'd swear we were living in the wild, wild West / If you spend enough time in front of your TV set."

But despite that, Grider tells listeners, it's still the same world it's always been -- one in which strangers will stop and change someone's tire in the rain, and you can call your neighbors up for a favor anytime you need them.

"There's still good people in the world / There's still good people in the world / I know a few, I bet you do, too / Even if they don't make the evening news / There's still good people / A lot of good people / Still good people in the world," Grider sings in the chorus of the hopeful new song, which is premiering exclusively with Taste of Country.

"It’s just a song, but as a songwriter, it’s the best I have to offer in the face of the random, unexplainable, sometimes evil world we live in," Grider says of "Good People," which is the title song of an upcoming album he expects to release in 2018.

"All those impacted by the tragic events in Las Vegas weigh heavy on our hearts and minds this week, God bless them," he adds. "Since the day it was written, 'Good People' was intended to be a reminder and an encouragement that despite mounting evidence, the good people really do outnumber the bad. By a lot. I believe that, and I believe that in times like these it’s important to remember that as often as we can."

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Listen to Josh Grider, "Good People"

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