John Prine has announced the release of a new duets album, For Better, or Worse, featuring collaborations with a handful of country music's leading ladies.

The project marks Prine's second album of country duets. The first album, In Spite of Ourselves, featured singers including Trisha Yearwood, Melba Montgomery and Connie Smith, but with for For Better, or Worse, Prine decided to work mainly with a newer crop of country singers, including Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, Amanda Shires and others. A full track and artist listing can be found below.

"On In Spite of Ourselves, I had a few more voices that'd been around for a while in country music, you know, Melba Montgomery and Connie Smith. I was trying to get everybody I could that was still recording. I tried on this one; I asked Loretta Lynn, but it turned out that she had her first record in 10 years coming out, so she wanted to do it, but she was a little busy doing press for that new record. And I asked Dolly Parton too, and she was in California supervising that movie that they did on her," Prine tells NPR. "So I just turned to the younger set and got some people whose voices I really like."

"When I reached out to each of the artists, I'd give 'em maybe two songs and then say, 'If neither of these do anything for ya, send me back a list of what you wanna do.' I figured if they were into the whole deal of the country duets, they might have some better ideas than I did," Prine adds. "Susan Tedeschi sent me back a George Jones song I'd never heard of before, and it worked out perfect for the two of us."

The 69-year-old folk icon has released more than 20 albums during his career, but he says that some of his favorite songs are co-ed duets.

"I just always loved hearing a man and a woman sing back and forth to each other," he says. "Particularly country songs, but I like some of the pop duets, and I even like in musicals where they're singing back and forth to each other and there's a storyline there, you know? But I think in country nothing gets more to the point, and you can also mix up some humor with it."

For Better, or Worse is set for release on Sept. 30. The project is available for pre-order via iTunes and Amazon.

John Prine, For Better, or Worse, Track Listing:

1. "Who's Gonna Take the Garbage Out" feat. Iris Dement
2. "Storms Never Last" feat. Lee Ann Womack
3. "Falling in Love Again" feat. Allison Krauss
4. "Color of the Blues" feat. Susan Tedeschi
5. "I'm Tellin' You" feat. Holly Williams
6. "Remember Me (When Candlelights Are Gleaming)" feat. Kathy Mattea
7. "Look at Us" feat. Morgane Stapleton
8. "Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, snd Loud, Loud Music" feat. Amanda Shires
9. "Fifteen Years Ago" feat. Lee Ann Womack
10. "Cold, Cold Heart" feat. Miranda Lambert
11. "Dreaming My Dreams with You" feat. Kathy Mattea
12. "Mental Cruelty" feat. Kacey Musgraves
13. "Mr. & Mrs. Used to Be" feat. Iris Dement
14. "My Happiness" feat. Fiona Prine
15. "Just Waitin'"

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