Joe Nichols recalled being pranked by Toby Keith during his Country Jam pre-show interview. Then he recalled getting revenge in a way Keith will never forget.

The "Undone" singer spilled how once while on stage during his tour with Keith, workers started to come and slowly deconstruct his stage. "Like my drums, my drummer, my bass player, all this gear," Nichols recalls in the above video. "Everybody’s gear until it was just me on stage.”

Nichols was only about halfway through his set at that point, but once finished he started plotting revenge.

“I wrote ’T’ on one butt cheek, and ‘B-Y’ on the other butt cheek and went on stage and mooned him. And mooned the rest of the crowd.”

We couldn't find video of the incident, unfortunately. It's said to have happened during Keith's Hooking Up and Hanging Out Tour back in 2007. Nothing like this happened during Nichols' set at Country Jam — his sexiest moment was PG-13, however. "Undone" turned a warm Colorado night even hotter.

Prior to talking about the mooning, Nichols explained about why he chose to cut Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" for his upcoming album. In total he played five new songs on Friday, including "Freaks Like Me."

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