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We are smack dab in the middle of country music interview season here at Taste of Country Nights. We had the chance to spend a good 15 minutes with the funniest artist in country music, Jimmie Allen. Whenever I see that I get to sit down with Jimmie, I know to buckle up and get ready for a fun ride.

This time was no exception. I started the interview by asking how Jimmie was after just getting back from Mexico after the Luke Bryan Crash My Playa weekend. He said his favorite part was getting back on the stage with his full band. They hadn't been together on stage in about four months, and Jimmie was explaining that they were using some stuff from their old tour and new tour mixed together, so Jimmie was forgetting some of his lyrics on stage.

Jimmie told me the funniest thing that he does when he is performing and forgets his own lyrics. You can hear all about it when you listen to the episode on Taste of Country Nights On Demand.

Jimmie's current single, "Freedom Was a Highway," is close to hitting No. 1 at country radio, but he also revealed what his next single is going to be in this interview, and I asked him how many different projects he had going on at the present moment. Let's just say it took about five minutes for him to finish naming off everything, Jimmie is always so busy. He is working on a few TV shows and ideas, books and even an appearance on WWE that he tells me could quite possibly be in the works.

Jimmie is a shoe guy, so I asked him his Top 3 shoes that he has in his collection. He has one pair that he loves the most, and it's quite funny. I also asked him his Top 3 movies of all time, and his Top 3 love songs, just in time for Valentine's Day. Go ahead and give this episode of Taste Of Country Nights On Demand a listen, and please like, subscribe and throw us a rating — it all helps out. Thanks!

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