Jess Kellie Adams has released a romantic and uplifting new video, and Taste of Country readers are seeing it first. The rising country singer-songwriter draws from her own romantic aspirations for her new "Thinking Out Loud" video.

Adams has just released the track as her new single, and she tells Taste of Country the song is about "having the courage to put yourself out there and not let the unknown scare you away."

"I’ve always been scared to put myself out there romantically," she admits. "I wrote this song to be a reminder to myself that I am capable of building an intimate and strong relationship with someone. To not hold back and just be honest."

Adams delivers the verses over a gentle bed of acoustic guitar and mandolin before jumping up into her higher range for the chorus, which is buoyed by more aggressive instrumentation.

"I love how all of the instruments came together on this song to support the lyric," she observes. "The groove, the mandolin… I couldn’t ask for more."

Adams is originally from Ohio, and her musical influences include The Chicks, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Earl Thomas Conley and Merle Haggard, among others. Her earliest exposure to country music came from listening to the Grand Ole Opry with her grandfather, as well as her local country station. It took her seven years to begin to realize her ambitions once she moved to Nashville, where she graduated Belmont's Music Business program.

Adams shows off her Texas influence and her love of authentic honky-tonks in the new video for "Thinking Out Loud," which takes inspiration from the movie Hope Floats. She tells us the clip represents "the courage to be vulnerable."

"I absolutely loved working with [director] Ryan Nolan on the storyline for this video because we just built off each other’s ideas," Adams raves.

The "Thinking Out Loud" video weaves a romantic story of two people who meet in a country bar, and their relationship develops through several dance sequences.

"The first time I saw the dancers tell their story through dance, I was so mesmerized and moved with emotion," Adams recounts.

"I always love watching the path a song takes from idea, to paper, to studio, to smoky honky-tonk bars with big ol' cameras, my band and the most talented dancers ... and now to you!"

For more information about Jess Kellie Adams, visit her official website.

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