Jennifer Nettles has released an emotional music video for her song "Unlove You," the lead single off of her upcoming album, Playing With Fire.

The "Unlove You" clip touches on a difficult subject: what happens when two individuals who are married to other people find themselves attracted to each other. The video opens with shots of Nettles, clad in a red dress, sitting alone at a bar sipping whiskey and waiting for a date to arrive. From attraction and excitement to guilt and regret, the singer takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster of a journey.

Nettles plays her part well, showing all of the emotions that go along with such an emotional conflict. Her character ends up hastily leaving the bar, and her date, behind, but viewers are left wondering what happens next and what direction she chooses to go in the future.

“I can’t unlove you / And a heart can’t unbreak / I can’t unfeel how it felt / To feel so much myself / My whole body ached,” Nettles sings. “I can’t unknow this / Lord, I wish I knew how / But I can’t unlove you / So come love me for now …”

Press play above to watch the "Unlove You" video.

Nettles co-wrote "Unlove You" with Brandy Clark. Playing With Fire is set for release on May 13.

"I am so proud of this record," Nettles says. "I can't wait to share it with my fans and hear their reactions. It is a ton of sass and emotion and fun."

Playing With Fire will be available for pre-order on iTunes beginning April 15.

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