Jay Hendricks  had the opportunity to ask Governor Abbott on the migrant situation here in Midland.

Gwendolyn McCown

As we all no the migrant camp in Midland has been at the top of the news for the past two weeks. The federal government popped up a migrant facility right here in Midland. We know the federal government made a deal with a company that owns a man camp in West Midland. These male minors were brought here in bus loads in the dark of night, which isn't suspicious at all. (sarcasm) We were then told no more migrants would be brought to the facility, we all know that changed. Yesterday we learned a new group of migrants was coming to Midland that day. Once again with no notice or warning. This seems to be the MO of the feds is to do all of this with no notice. When the first shipment of migrants was coming to a facility in Midland, not the state or local officials were informed of what was going to happen. At least with Pecos facility we were given some kind of warning We now know another facility is set to open with migrants arriving April 2nd. That facility said to be taking in 500 but has the capacity for 2,000. You and I both know it will end up being closer to the 2,000 mark.

Like Governor Greg Abbott said in the video "the federal government doesn't know want to tell us or they are just unprepared."  It is amazing to see the disrespect the federal government is showing the state of Texas. You know Joe Biden is all about stopping the spread of COVID but yet brings groups of people who are positive for it right here in our community.

See the full interview with Jay Hendricks and Governor Greg Abbott.

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