There are plenty of ways to tell the one you love how you really feel inside, but are words ever really enough? With his new single "She Don't Know," Canadian country artist Jade Eagleson wraps up all the reasons why he's smitten with his sweetheart in one heartfelt love song.

The track opens with a stripped-down, classic country sound. Penned by Jonathan Singleton, James Edward Barker and Travis Peter Wood, "She Don't Know" begins with a lyrically lighthearted start. Eagleson sings, "She don't know a Brave from a Buccaneer / A Firestone from a Goodyear / And I don't care."

There's another thing she doesn't know about, and Eagleson doesn't mind one bit. He sings, "She don't know the hell I used to raise / Back in my bad ol' days / Before she got here."

However, there's one thing they both know for sure. The song takes a turn towards the sentimental when these words come out in Eagleson's drawl: "She knows and I know / That I'd be a mess without her / I ain't crazy / I'm just crazy 'bout her."

By the time the chorus hits, it's clear that Eagleson is on track to make his mark on mainstream country music. Those plain-spoken, romantic lyrics and Eagleson's penchant for tradition are reminiscent of Luke Combs. Even so, Eagleson still retains his originality throughout the endearingly sweet tune that's infectious enough to make you want to sing along.

Of course, it's best to hear it straight from Eagleson. He sings, "When she says, "How long?" I say, "Forever" / Asks when I'm leavin', I tell 'er, "Never" / And sometimes I don't say nothin', 'cause a kiss just says it better."

And there's more where that came from: "Asks if I'm fallin', I tell her, "Too late" / Sometimes I tell I her in a love song just in case / So there ain't no way that she don't know / She don't know."

"She Don't Know" was first released in 2021 as part of Eagleson's sophomore album, Honkytonk Revival. You can find more information on Jade Eagleson's music and touring plans via his official website.

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