People talk a lot about the cost of a wedding, falling in love is an expensive business! People also talk a lot about the cost of divorce though, because as it turns out, falling out of love can be just as expensive. Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect to pay if your happily ever after becomes a sadly never after. (Please don’t stop reading because of that bad joke)

On Average, the typical cost of divorce here in Texas runs you about between $15,000-$16,000 IF you don't have children, If ya got kids, the cost of that jumps pretty dramatically from $23,000-$24,000. Depending on how you and your spouse decided to tie the knot, this could be more money than you ever even IMAGINED spending on your wedding. Almost makes ya rethink if you really want to leave em or not…


  • Here in Texas, we are the 5th most expensive state for divorce! 
  • Each county in TX sets their own court fees, so depending on where in Texas you live, the divorce could be more expensive.
  • Depending on whether the divorce is CONTESTED or UNCONTESTED, the divorce could cost you a lot less.



  • CONTESTED: A contested divorce means that you and your soon to be ex-spouse have some terms you don't agree on. This means you’ll both be spending a lot of time and money on lawyers or mediators who will help you work through various issues. The time alone costs more money because the lawyers have to get paid for their time too. 
  • UNCONTESTED: The opposite side of things means, simply, you both agree on the terms you've discussed between yourselves and theres no need to hire a mediator or lawyer, most likely you'll only be paying the filing costs which would be around $250-$350. Significantly less money if you find a way to work out your issues WITHOUT a lawyer. 

If we’re being entirely honest, the main thing that's going to keep you from having a cheap and easy divorce is…your spouse! As unfortunate as that may be for some people, that could draw a sigh of relief from others. Not every divorce happens because two people hate each other with the same amount of passion they fell in love, some people just realize they want different things and decide to go their separate ways. If you can manage to keep the peace with your future ex, the cost of divorce might be DRASTICALLY lower than the numbers you saw up above. Divorce costs ultimately depend on how well you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can communicate your needs. So even if you think they deserve every angry word you have been storing up during your marriage, try and save it until the divorce is filed and set in motion. This way all you have to worry about is the filing fees and no lawyers are running up the tab during an already stressful situation. Just a quick P.S. Sometimes a marriage counselor is a cheaper option than divorce, and could lead to an even happier ending than a separation ever could. Good luck out there, lovers!!

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