OK, they may not owe Texas everything but Sunland Park marijuana dispensaries do owe us, esp Governor Abbott, a solid. I'll take my share in gummies please.

Seriously, Sunland Park has some of the highest ... no pun intended ... pot sales in the entire land of enchantment. They came in 5th, sales-wise, the very first year which means Sunland Park has some sort of an edge.

Guess who that edge is?  Yep, El Paso. Along with Anthony, Canutillo ... pretty much all of west Texas really

Las Cruces has their own dispensaries so, chronic Cruceans aren't shopping in Sunland Park. (Unless they happen to be there anyway,) Same for Chaparral.  Sunland Park is a hike from northeast El Paso but Chap is right there. Counting Texas $$ even as we speak.

Getting back to Sunland Park, they're doing so freakin' well; they're drawing the attention of big businesses.  Big companies are coming in and making it very difficult for the locals to compete.

How Should Sunland Park Show El Paso (And Texas) Some Love?

I have 2 thoughts. One, name a strain after us ... "El Pot-oh" or "Loco Chuco". "El Pass-o Me That Joint-o" maybe ... then, give those of us with local ID's a break on it. A (4) 20 percent discount maybe?? Discounts make nice hugs.

Secondly, you guys really should send Texas Governor Gregg Abbott a little sumpin' sumpin'. A thank you card at least. As long as he, and certain others, keep being major sticks in the mud on this whole pot thing, your livelihoods are pretty much guaranteed.

Activists March In Support Of Marijuana Legalisation
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Message To The 'Gov.

As for you Governor Abbott, (and assorted associates),lighten up. Just think about what you could do to irritate the White House with an extra $1 BILLION dollars in the states wallet.

Or, hey, even just the measly $57 million that Sunland Park generated alone. You can buy a lotta razor wire with that kind of cash.

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