For our loved ones who think you have to go broke to make mom happy this Mother's Day, let me say that is not the case at all! Especially if we've been mommin' for a very long time. The older your mom gets, it probably really is the little things she appreciates. You may be expecting me to say spend quality time, get her a card, buy her flowers, candy, etc and those are all nice, but no not this time. This time I will be 100% practical with gifts you may not have even thought of!

Mother's Day is in 16 and you may be wondering how I know what mom wants from the dollar store. Because these are things that I needed that I have bought myself in recent months. Also, in case you have not set foot inside a dollar store lately, wow, do yourself a favor, they have made some upgrades as far as home decor, dishes, and various yard art for mom's porch.


1. dishes/drinking cups- be real, mom has probably had the dishes in her cupboard for so long, they are all mismatched and probably no 2 are alike anymore.  I found the cutest turquoise bowls I bought recently (I happen to love turquoise) find mom's favorite color and buy her a set. It may set you back 10 bucks for a set of 4 cereal bowls or cups and also there are no 'sets' of dishes at Dollar Store, you buy individuals so if mom and dad are empty nesters, just buy 2 of everything!

Cola glass with ice cubes

2. home decor-they have the cutest wooden plaques with sayings, greenery, little vases or lamps, all for maybe $20 tops-and FYI, you can never go wrong with picture frames for mom. We love to display photos of YOU!

3. utensils-seriously. In the past month, I have bought myself a new pizza cutter, cheese grater, manual can opener, some measuring spoons and a potato peeler. True story. Mine were old, I threw them out and got myself some new ones from the Dollar Store. Maybe 3 bucks each tops

Various kitchenware utensils on the wooden background for cookin

4. yard art-at least that's what I call it. I'm thinking in terms of planters for mom's pretty porch flowers, gardening tools, garden gnomes, colorful outdoor cushions and chairs to give the exterior of mom's home more curb appeal.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

5. plastic containers-what do mom's love? Leftovers! Chances are her food storage containers are red from spaghetti or tomato sauce stains, she can no longer find the lids to any of them and she could use a new set of small, medium and large food containers that might set you back up to $30 depending on how many you buy. This is something mom obviously hasn't bought herself in awhile. Buy them for her and I guarantee her face will light up with relief that she can get rid of the old and start using the new!

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