Unpopular opinion right here I already know. Chili. You eat chili dogs, frito pie, chili bowl during the cold winter months but how you like your chili is a big things amongst families, in social circles, with coworkers, it can divide friends. 

Ok it's probably not that serious but you get what I'm saying. lol So the big question...chili with beans or without?

I don't remember ever being given a choice growing up? I don't remember my dad ever even fussing about it and he was a picky eater. My siblings never complained, we never spoke about it, mom just always bought and made chili with beans!

So therefore it is how I have chosen to live my life. A chili with bean eater. That is until I started cooking for my own family. The very first time I got pushback, I said are you kidding me right now? Who is doing the cooking? Me. So you get what you get.

But yeah that didn't last very long because then my 'divided' family started to skip chili dog night. Some say with some say without in my family. Perfect. Smh. I truly don't get it? What am I missing? Everyone in my family loves pinto beans, fresh cooked beans, then what is the big deal with beans in chili? Someone explain this to me!

That is why I said unpopular opinion because these days it really is an issue. The good thing? Leo and I are on the same side. (: Which side are you on?

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