Times are definitely hard in the Texas food service industry, and it probably plays a role in why the locations that are struggling to stay open are finding it challenging to obtain and maintain a fully staffed restaurant. At this point, if you are someone in the food service industry, you have to be seriously questioning the legitimacy of pursuing the career further when even a pizza chain can't stay afloat.

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Over 1 in 5 of this pizza chain's locations are solely in the Lone Star State, and they are currently scrambling to evaluate every option to avoid bankruptcy, but we all know once the conversations begin, the ending is usually already written.

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Mod Pizza has already closed almost 30 stores thus far in 2024, and now it looks like the other 500 are all in jeopardy.

Another Massive Chain With 113 Texas Pizzerias Now Facing Bankruptcy

The rumors have intensified as someone told Bloomberg last week that simply closing 27 stores probably is not going to cut it, and there are far more moves on the way according to this Eat This article.

Everyone is looking for answers, but I will lean on my family's personal experience to illustrate what I believe is going on. My wife Lindsay really enjoys Mod Pizza, but even she has not been more than once in the past two years.

Just like so many other restaurants, people simply cannot afford to dine out anymore, and if you have a family there is zero chance.

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