The recent severe weather in the state of Texas had a major effect on many things.

Damage has been seen across the state, and many buildings and cars were also affected. In addition, fences and roofs in the state have needed repairs. Videos of the weather have been showing up all over social media as well.

Whether it be the amount of rain a certain part of the state has seen, or videos showing trees that fell due to the wind, residents in the state have begun to notice what happened around them. What's even more unnerving is the things we didn't see happening.

Video has surfaced from Dallas International Airport, where it was shown that one plane in the state was moved due to the strength of winds.

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Plane In Dallas, Texas Moved Via Very Strong Wind Gusts

The video, which was posted to X, shows the moment the aircraft began to move:

As is shown in the video, the airplane moves heavily to its right. Per One Mile At A Time, The Boeing 737-800 was affected by the winds in Texas, which almost reached 80 MPH at one point. The good news however, is that there were no reports of damage to plane in question, nor where any individuals hurt either.

But seeing a plane move due to the winds in the state should be a reminder to everyone: always remember to listen to weather warnings when they are sent in Texas!

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