When you are planning a family vacation, are you trying to get away, or do you enjoy a good staycation in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area? Well, if you are looking to get away, there's a perfect place in Texas that allows for adventure with both rest and relaxation.

My son is definitely the adventurous type. In just the last few days, he has asked to go to Alaska and Arizona. He's already been to Alabama and Arkansas, and since he did make the A Honor Roll this year, I'm starting to think he's just trying to collect all the As.

My wife and daughters are more into rest and relaxation. Lounging in the sun with a good book, and an occasional dip in the water.

Why not both?

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There is the perfect place to do everything on this vacation check list. You can literally deep sea fish, and lounge on the water at the same time. It sounds like a Caribbean destination, but you don't even need a passport.

The kids will enjoy the fishing and swimming right out the front door. Having the whole place to yourself with serene views, the sounds of the water, and a salt filled breeze is the manifestation of private paradise.

The best part is getting the kids worn out, so you and your special person can enjoy the calm evenings.

Where is this place?


None other than Baffin Bay Floating Cabins. What is your idea of the perfect family getaway?

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