As baby boomers are retiring (finally) across the country, the next generation to look for a soft landing for their latter years is Generation X, and one particular city in Texas is attracting a lot of Gen X transplants. Obviously, we already know that Texas has become the go to destination for relocating Americans with nearly countless areas likely to double in size by 2050, but what makes this one particular Texas town so attractive to Gen X?

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Why would Gen X immigrants be seeking out this particular Texas City?

Well, one of the reasons so many Gen X transplants might be relocating is due to the already decent sized Gen X population currently living here. I have a theory on why Gen X is seeking new places to live, but we'll get into that after analyzing the actual data.


According to data collected by this Smart Asset article, one of the top destinations by percentage that Gen Xers are moving is Wichita Falls, Texas. It was the 8th highest destination for new Gen X immigrants in comparison to the city's annual population growth, and that took Wichita Fall's current Gen X population above 10% of the total.

One thing that most Gen Xers are experiencing right now is a shift from full households to becoming empty nesters. Another attribute of many Gen X Americans has been their dwelling in primarily urban areas.

As they prepare to downsize their home square footage, I imagine many are also trying to downsize their lifestyle speed. Moving to midsize cities that are hungry for entrepreneurs and experience workforce to replace the outgoing Generation Boomer looks pretty attractive to someone who also is likely to pick up major gains from selling their urban dwelling.

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