There are a great many reasons to count your blessing for living in Texas, but on occasion for one reason or another, the Lone Star State ends up on a list that paints a picture that does not always capture our best side. Recently, one of those articles was published at Road Snacks, and they listed the 10 worst places to live in the United States of America.

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As always, when someone makes such a claim about our beloved "Friendly" home, you want to see the data yourself and determine if it was properly interpreted or not. The conclusion they claim comes from objective data that intentionally leaves out the subjective attributes that people often fancy like friendliness, neighborliness, or how impassioned the community is for its city.

What two Texas cities made the list of worst in America?


Brownsville, TX came in as 10th worst, and was condemned for being a border town that makes is obviously highly dangerous. Also, they weren't fans of how cheap it was (which is probably why so many retirees like my own aunt and uncle snowbird there).

The 8th worst city to live in America is Houston?


When you read the reasoning behind Houston making the list is when you have proof positive the whole list needs to go in the trash. They literally say the city is no worse for crime and other negative traits than other cities of similar size.

They even go on to highlight the attractive features by saying,

"It is very cosmopolitan with all sorts of amazing ethnic foods. Cost of living is also pretty good given it is a major city. Lots of job opportunities."

If Houston is any indication, then you should call cap on the whole list.

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