Imagine this: it's the end of a '90s school day. You're hopping off the bus and heading through the front door of your parent's house, doing your best to hustle and get something to eat before Fresh Prince and Saved By the Bell reruns hit TBS.

What are you craving? Want something salty? Something sweet? Mom won't let you use the microwave, so you can't get your Emeril Lagasse on-- you've got to sort through the pantry for convenience food that you know is grab-and-go.

Maybe you long for the crispy crunch of PB Crisps or the tangy goodness within a tin of Altoid Sours--the memories are getting fuzzy as you think about your favorite discontinued snack foods.

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Market trends change over time, resulting in manufacturers discontinuing products that once were considered staples of the snack aisle-- but that doesn't mean we can't continue to long for our faves.

Fire up an old episode of Sally Jesse Raphael and getcha an ice-cold Ecto Cooler as we reminisce about the discontinued snacks we'll see at Tha Crossroads.

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