Maddie & Tae's Maddie Font had a baby less than a week ago, and while her duo partner wasn't there, she's got the scoop on how the young family is doing.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Taylor Kerr admitted that due to a lingering cold, she hasn't seen baby Forrest yet. Technology has brought them close, however.

"He's adorable and mom's doing great," Kerr shares. "Dad's doing great. She's got her family there helping out, so she's loving life right now."

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Font's baby makes two babies in the "Heart They Didn't Break" singers' musical family, as Kerr gave birth to a daughter named Leighton in January 2022. Both women had difficult pregnancies or birthing experiences — 37 hours and a C-section for Font, bedrest and a three-months-premature baby for Kerr — which they'll embrace when it comes time to create new music.

"These situations, as painful as they can be, have just created a vulnerability in myself and my willingness to share that," Kerr tells Evan Paul. "It was so tough going through it, but I think once you share that, it kind of splits the weight in half. That's really evident in music, as well."

The two babies will grow up like cousins or even siblings, Kerr says. That's her favorite part about this trying time in life, as raising a family as a touring musician is very difficult. No matter how much you prepare, there are difficult lessons you need to learn on your own.

"For me it was the mental load of, like ... it was hard enough to pack for an entire week for myself," she says. "Now I gotta pack for this tiny human and you basically need to take everything in your house when they're young."

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