For the most part I think that people in Texas feel safe. Sure, there is crime that takes place everywhere and there is drug use in every state too. But Texas mostly feels like a safe place to live. Although if you want to take your privacy and security one step further online, we can help you do that.

Texas Online Security

Just about everyone who has ever spent time online has at one point been on Google Street View. They have detailed maps and even show images of almost every neighborhood in Texas. But what if you want to blur your house for one reason or another? It could have to do with privacy or security, but whatever your reason for not wanting to show your house online, there are just a few steps you need to follow to implement this security measure.  

Once Your Home is Blurred There Is No Going Back 

Google is willing to assist anyone who would prefer to have their home blurred online. But once you go through the quick and easy steps to make it happen, there is no going back. This is a permanent blur over your home address. After you make a request to have your home blurred online you will receive an email and it won’t take long until the image is blurred online. 

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Easy Steps to Blur Your Home on Google Street View 

If you want to take extra security steps to blur your home online, here is how you make it happen.

Here Is How To Blur Your Home On Google Street View


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