One Texas mother in Navasota, Texas, learned not to mess with Texas libraries!  According to KHOU.COM, Kaylee Morgan found out that she had a warrant for her arrest when tried to renew her driver's license. The reason for the warrant: she failed to pay a citation for not returning a library book she checked out in 2023.

Kaylee Morgan tells KHOU "When I get there, they told me they can't renew it because I have a warrant out for my arrest," Morgan said. "I am just shocked. I literally laughed out loud. I said this has to be a joke and it wasn't."

Kaylee soon learned that the warrant for theft of government property was from a library book that she never returned. She was forced to see a judge! She had already moved hours away from Navasota.   She received no sympathy from the judge!  The citation was $600. Morgan started a GoFundMe to ask for help. She has also hired a lawyer. Read the full story by clicking here.

While I personally never had fines for overdue books. I did have fines for overdue CDs back in the day! Oh yeah, I probably had fines at every video store in Victoria. When I think of the word library, it immediately takes me back. So I thought it would be a good idea to relive the mall days of the 1990's.

One thing I miss the most about the 90s mall is going to the music store to get the latest CD/Cassette release.


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