This one brings back memories of my childhood. Pizza Hut is bringing back the dining room of the 80s and 90s. The Classic Pizza Hut theme is steadily making a comeback, especially in Texas!  The sign says Pizza Hut Classic and it's like taking a step back in time!  There are only eight in Texas, but the list is slowly growing. Check out this Pizza Hut that is located in Hempstead, Texas posted to TikTok by Houston Toy Museum. Oh yes, please, bring back the old-school jukebox WITH CD or Vinyl as well.

@houstontoymuseum If you’re in Houston, do yourself a favor and make the 50 mile drive back in time to 1996! #fyp #houston #hempstead #pizzahut #pizzahutclassic #retropizzahut #1990s #1990sthrowback #1990snostalgia #90s #90skids #vintagepizzahut #nostalgia #nostalgic #houstontx ♬ No One OutPizzas the Hut - Pizza Hut

While we are at it, wouldn't it be cool to bring back McDonald's from the same period? Who remembers getting your Big Macs or pancakes in those styrofoam boxes? Of course, we all miss those outdoor playgrounds. Someone bring these back!

HUM Images/Universal Images Grou
HUM Images/Universal Images Grou


While this is not vintage, it's pretty cool. This business just screams Texas!  It shows a combined Whataburger and H-E-B convenience store in Hutto, Texas, and thanks to TikTok, we get a tour of this convenience store that you will only find in Texas.  This store opened back in 2017 I know there are other HEB convenience stores, however, I am not sure if they have Whataburger also on site. Let's take a tour of the HEB convenience store thanks to TikTok user heb_obsessed. Does that make this a Whataheb? LOL


@heb_obsessed HEB + Whataburger UNITE! A tour of the HEB convenience store / Whataburger combo in Hutto, Texas. Update: theres also one in Lytle, TX! I had no idea. #heb #hebwhataburger #sotexan #whataburger #texasaf #texas ♬ original sound - HEB_obsessed

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