Another Mother's Day is coming up. There is no doubt that this international celebration can be complicated for some of us, depending on the state of relationship with our moms.

However, as complex as this day can sometimes be on a personal level, it certainly always provides an opportunity for reflection on the role of mothers in general. While one could argue there is no need to differentiate between genders when it comes to parenting, it's clear that moms have a reputation that precedes them. Based on centuries of evidence and experiences, most of society expects a mother to have a certain sort of influence on her children.

For example, I recall my mother strongly dissuading me from ever calling someone an ugly name (I'm gonna go out on a limb here and gander this conversation took place shortly after I griped at my younger brother to stop being such a baby). I'm betting my dad agreed with her, but it's my mom who I remember bringing the matter to my attention. My point being, moms have a rep for calling us out, calling us up, and - when the world bears down on us - calling us in.

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Moms give us the stink-eye when we're doing something questionable. They remind us to drink our water and eat our vegetables. They tell us to haul our behinds to bed in a timely fashion. They teach us to be civilized humans.

And West Texas moms are in a class of her own. The mashup of Lone Star heat, far-stretching countryside, and spirited population requires tenacity and resilience. It's only natural that Texas mothers would passing along their survival techniques.

In celebration of the many tasks that often fall to the matriarch, I'm including a list of all the things you might hear or see a West Texas mama doing, in relation to supporting her offspring. Happy Mother's Day to all of you who make sure we rugrats toe the line.

What Texas Mom Are Teaching Their Kids

If you're a mom or a kid living in Texas, some of these maternal directives might sound familiar.

Gallery Credit: Jana Keyes