A month ago I had never heard of a Bogg Bag and now I am obsessed!  If you have tried to find one lately you know that it is very hard.

Last month at my birthday party a friend of mine had a Bogg Bag and I had never even heard of one. A Bogg Bag is a bag that is basically made out of croc's. It is the same rubber material and has holes just like croc's. They come in a variety of colors, orange, royal blue, Carolina blue, Kelly green, Hunter green, hot pink, turquois, blush, pink, peach, coral, lilac, yellow and then they have special edition prints. They come in large and baby sizes.

After seeing Hollie's bag, I knew I wanted one. I initially wanted one to use one to take to the store. You know like a Sam's where they don't give bags and at the grocery story so I don't have to mess with all of those plastic bags.  Then when I thought I was going to get a 8 week old puppy I wanted to one to carry her in because she was going to have to bee with me all the time.

If you have tried to get a Bogg Bag you know they are virtually impossible to get, which makes me want one even more. So many people now are buying them to resell and make a bunch of money off of.  But not me I just am enjoying the hunt of trying to get one. Sometimes Dillard's and other stores will release just a couple at a time and have to try to catch them. I went from having none to have ordered in 48 hours.

I don't know what I will do with more than one or two but I want them all.  Have you been bitten by the Bogg bu

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

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