Man o Man today has been amazing! I walked in this morning not even remembering that day is my 17th Anniversary here at the station. It's crazy for me to think I have had the same job for 17 years, I don't feel that old. LOL Time has definitely flown by.

People always ask me how I got my job and I always tell them God gave it to me. If you know the story then you know that I got my job by winning a contest. I was never really supposed to be on the radio. I was only supposed to be a promotions person. I was hired to drive the station vehicle around and pass out prizes and the rest is history. I had a partner for eight years and I was solo for eight years, now Gunner has joined me in the mornings. I don't know how much Gunner realizes God sent him at just the right time. Gunner was able to cover for me when I had to have back surgery and he covered for me when I had COVID.

Like I said, I came to work this morning not even realizing it was my anniversary. I came in a Gunner was waiting for me with coffee and the room decorated. He and his wife also decorated my office for me and got me a cake. I also didn't know he had set the entire show around me. He got the heads of our company and everyone in the office to leave very kind messages for me, he even set up for both Midland Mayor Patrick Payton and Odessa Mayor, Javier Jovan to come in and join our show.

Odessa Mayor Jovan came in gave me a certificate declaring that today March 22nd is now Gwen McCown Day in Odessa. I was so shocked. Nothing like that has ever happened to me.  Now I can officially say it's MY Day. This is so incredibly awesome.

Thank you to all of you for keeping me around this long. Thank you for allowing me into your homes and cars and into your lives. It has been such a great journey to be on and I would love to stay for another 17 years.

I am so very blessed and grateful for today and all of these years. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

And a big shout out to Gunner for putting all of the festivities together.

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