It's never too early to get lit, and by that I mean "lit up." I am not talking about drinking, I am talking about getting your lights up.

From landscape lighting to holiday lighting, it's never too early get lighting up. If you come by the station you might think that we already have our Christmas lights up and we kind of do. But, as you know we have a classic rock station here as well, and we are paying homage to Eddie Van Halen.

Thanks to Light Up The Permian Basin making that possible. If you are like me and would like to have lights but not going to climb up on the roof, let someone else do it for you. They take them down for you too. Which is perfect for me because even if I got them up, I'd probably never take them down.

I always have great ideas of things to do around the house, like outside lighting, you know twinkle lights everywhere outside and on the patio, Yeah not something I can pull off or have the patients, but they can.

It's never to early to get lit or stay lit all year along with the help of Light Up The Permian Basin.


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