It's National Cocktail Day! I think we should celebrate, but before we do you should know that margaritas are the nation's most popular cocktail followed by martinis and Moscow Mules. Here are a few places in Midland/Odessa where you can get some of the best margaritas!

1. The El Jefe Margarita from Abuelos. I think it's the orange-infused tequila that I like. Here is what's in the El Jefe: Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila that they use from their private barrels that they infuse with oranges.  Agavero Orange Liqueur, Fresh Citrus, Grilled Orange, a salted rim

2. El Presidente from Chili's. It's cool that it comes in its own shaker. I didn't know you could order it in different flavors, classic, mango, and strawberry. I guess it's been that long since I have had one. Here's what makes an El Presidente: it's hand-shaken 25 times with Sauza Conmemorativo Tequila, Patrón Citrónge, and E&J Brandy.

3. Jalapeno Margarita at Cork and Pig. It comes with Tequila, fresh lime, jalapeno, and cactus salt rim.

4. Guava Margarita from Cork and Pig: Tequila, Pink Guava Puree, Sweet and Sour, smokey guava salt rim. (Odessa only)

5. Italian Margarita from Olive Garden: Inspired by the flavors of Italy, our Margarita is made with Jose Cuervo Especial Silver tequila, triple sec, and topped with amaretto, a sweet Italian liqueur. You can upgrade from the house version to premium with
Patrón Silver.

Again, please feel free to add to the list. Where ever you go today, please drink responsibly. Don't forget to join us tonight at Rockin Rodeo for the Kevin Fowler show. Rockin Rodeo will have $3 Margaritas until 10.

Where is your favorite place to get a cocktail let me know what your favorite cocktail is!


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