With all this wind today, and things blowing around in the back yard (Yes us transplants from the Midwest don't have everything back there anchored yet lol) it's been a fun ride today! I think last report I had from my wife the winds were 28mph. Gwen always reminds me there's a saying here: "At least it's not 60"--that refers to the wind speed. I can totally agree with that expression!

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Had the dogs out briefly--long enough to witness a gust tip one of the patio chairs over on it's back... And thought: "OK--time to go back in!". I actually left it tipped over so I wouldn't need to keep going back out there to fix it again because the wind knocked it back down. After the February we all had here in West Texas I know we're all anxious to get to warmer temperatures, And with Spring Break right around the corner here next week it looks like we're going to get them. At least into the 70's.

But for now it's Spring Cleaning indoors... Organizing shelves and drawers and putting the winter clothes away and moving the warmer weather stuff up front. Scrubbing and cleaning and getting ready for windows to once again be open and ceiling fans to once again be on... Trips to the pool and even just going for long walks with no jacket on--just shorts and a t-shirt. Bring it on! I am so ready for summer weather. Right now though the mop and the cloth and the spray bottle are my friends-because you can't get to enjoy relaxing in the sun and soaking it all in--until you get the house ready. 15 days until the first day or Spring--Can't wait!


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