Domino's is throwing down those $3 pizzas this afternoon. A: who doesn't love Domino's Pizza. .B: who doesn't love $3 Domino's pizza

You can get medium $3 pizzas today  from Domino's but only at two locations. Today's two locations are on Midkiff and Illinois in Midland and 42nd and Dixie in Odessa and only from 5-7pm.  This is only for medium pizzas and you can choose from cheese or pepperoni. The best thing, you can buy as many as you want. That's right as many as you want. Remember this is not at every location and you can't call in for the $3 deal. You must come to one of the two locations in Midland or Odessa and purchase these pizzas from the pizza trailer. It is also cash and carry so, make sure you stop by the ATM and pick up some cash on the way to Domino's.

When Domino's offers $3 dollar pizzas not only is it a great deal for their customers but it always goes to benefit a wonderful charity. When we have $3 pizza events in November and in February, those are to benefit the kids of St Jude Children's Research Hospital. This summer's $3 pizza events are to benefit the Permian Basin Honor Flight.

The Permian Basin Honor Flight is a program that sends veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials that were built in their honor. Each veteran travels at no expense. By participating in the Honor Flight program veterans get the opportunity to share this momentous occasion with other comrades, to remember friends and comrades lost, and share their stories and experiences with other veterans. The Permian Basin Honor Flight serves veterans form WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

If it wasn't for these men and women we wouldn't be living in the country we live in today. If it wasn't for them America might not be the America we not it as today.

Dominos Pizza Files To Go Public
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