As we approach Texas Independence Day next week, you should know that Texas gave up certain rights when we rejoined the Union after the civil war. Could Texas be its own self-sustaining country, absolutely but can we legally do it, no! The only way Texas could withdraw from the Union is either with war or an agreement with all the other states.

In 1836 Texas won its independence from Mexico forming the Republic of Texas. In 1845 Texas became the 28th to join the United States. In 1861 Texas decided to join other southern states to withdraw from the Union and join the Confederate States during the Civil War. This was the closest Texas ever came to becoming independent from the United States. As you all know the Confederate states lost the Civil War and all the southern states that had withdrawn remained part of the United States.

Now, most people try to say that because Texas entered the Union as its own entity it could secede at any time. That is not the case according to Texas vs White, a court case in 1869. In 1869 the Supreme court ruled unilaterally that only Texas could successfully secede would be through revolution or through the consent of the other states.

So no matter the fact that Texas could stand alone as its own country the only thing Texas can do is split into up to four smaller states. The fact that we have our own military, commerce, farming, agriculture, and shipping does make a hill of beans unless we went to war. We still know that we are the best state in the United States and we could totally stand on our own, it's not happening.

Christophe BOISSON


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