Ahhhh those Friday Night Lights! Texans love our Friday night football whether you have a son, grandson, nephew, or neighbor playing we all love to hit up a game and take in the sights, the sound (the high school band playing) the action and the FIGHTS? Wait no that kind of thing doesn't happen in high school football...until it does!

One Texas high school football team's players all got ejected when a fight broke out in the final minutes of the game. Man, they were so close!

The game was being played between Dallas Roosevelt High School and Fort Worth Eastern Hills High School. With 6:44 left in the game, the two teams started going at it as a full-on brawl broke out and that's when everyone and literally their momma joined in! People from the fans took to the field to get in on the action.

According to the Star Telegram,

every player was ejected from the game, and Dallas Roosevelt will play their JV team for the first half of its next game as an ejection comes with an automatic suspension for the first half of the next game.

So what caused this massive brawl in the first place between the two teams? The entire ordeal is under investigation by the UIL and some suspensions have already taken place.

The football announcer can be heard saying that 'security is needed on the field and discouraging fans from jumping into the brawl.'

Wow, that is some action! Who knew Friday Night Football could get so lit?

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10 Things Every Texan Should Know
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