Midland got its name because it was originally created as a depot halfway between El Paso and Fort Worth. Odessa is named after a city of the same name in Ukraine because of its similar terrain. Everything has a story and when you're the first to come across something or to create it-you get the benefit of being the one who gets to name it. That's the benefit of being the first one in with any situation-you are the decision-maker over everything. (I do sometimes wonder where some of the unusual names of certain places and things came from-what kind of mind we were dealing with when it was conceived).

Typically if you're from here you learned the origins of the town names in school when you were young. If you're a transplant like me you learn it from the locals. Either that or the internet. But what if these two towns didn't have those names? What if they had been named something completely different? What if the two cities had been named after something to do with the oil industry? Pump Jack Texas? Fracking Texas?

Let's turn it over to YOU. What would these two towns be named if they didn't have their current names? Would it be something oil-related? Wind-related? Or names from the first settlers of the region? Or maybe something after the wild wild west? I also wonder if the names had been different, would they have stuck or would they have gotten changed from the originals based on new generations? Comment below and tell us what YOU would pick!

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