Because when I started looking around the Permian for local coffee shops that weren't "chain" establishments--there are many! So now--my wife and I are on a mission to try all of them! Of course I'd love to hear what YOUR favorite place(s) to get a cup o' Joe are--so hit me up here and tell me.... Doesn't matter how far it is--within reason we will travel. Can be fun to see unique places and try unique blends. Everyone has their preferences on coffee. Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some like it blended with whipped cream like a coffee shake, others want it straight from the pot with nothing added.


Different flavors--and different mixtures of flavors--can spice things up quite nicely and are fun to explore. I'm always partial to vanilla, caramel, and white chocolate... But I can be persuaded to try raspberry shots of flavor, or even specialty drinks like a Pistachio blended drink. One of the big chains just brought that flavor back based on the time of year it is. Apparently Winter coming to a close and Spring fast approaching is time to swap featured flavors.

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That's always a tough one to swallow for me... When you find a particular featured drink that becomes your "go-to", and it vanishes off the menu based on what season it is. I know certain chain stores have things like a "secret menu" where you can still order drinks that don't appear on the main menu--but when it's a featured drink, most of the time the supplies they need for the ingredients disappear along with the drink and you have to wait til the following season, if not year for it to come back.

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Either way--I'm excited about the adventure and trying all these new places in our new home town. I'll be posting pics and tales of adventures in the coming weeks. And as I said above--if YOU have a place you love and think we should try, please tell me!

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