I had a very blessed Christmas and I hope all of you did as well. When my parents asked us what we wanted for Christmas, I threw out the fact that I would like an Apple Watch.

But if I didn't get it no big deal.Although I had a good idea Santa was going to bring it to me.  On Christmas Eve my step dad kept telling me and my sister that he had made us something. That didn't come as a surprise at all because he's always building me something, a wine rack, a coffee table, a shelf or something, I had no idea he built an Apple watch.

So when we went to open our gifts, it proved how literal I am. I pull it out of the bag and its an watch on an apple, an apple watch. Well my literal self is looking a the watch thinking, they had just got some other kind of smart watch, I never put the two together.

Now my sister figured out right away, and sitting there laughing. It was a great joke. It was hilarious. We did end up getting actual Apple Watches, but hats off to my parents for the humor. 

apple watch

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