Nothing is worse than sitting outside trying to enjoy yourself and getting eaten up by mosquitoes. I am going to tell you how you can enjoy a bug free outdoors.

If you are like me and love being out but hate getting eaten up by mosquitoes, I have a plan for you. I am the person that is going to be eaten up by mosquitoes, even if I am only out there for a second.

I love to sit outside and drink coffee on patio on the weekends or sit out there on a nice day but I hate to always be having to put on repel ant. This year I have started using Mosquito Shield to help get rid of mosquitoes in my yard.  I know enjoy sitting outside with no mosquito problems.

I love Mosquito Shield because they come to my house every 10-17 days to spray. When I say spray I don't mean like a little extermination. I mean they fog it all. Another thing I love about them is they care about their customers, they watch the weather and reschedule if the weather is not ideal. For example, they were supposed to come to my house on the 16th but let me know they were rescheduling me for the next day because it was windy.

The owners Travis and Erin Faulk are such great people and truly care about their customers.

For more information you can call 432-296-1166 or you can go online to

Here is an example of how the process works.


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