I'll be the first to say that I don't trust driverless vehicles. Call me old fashioned but I still believe that the safest driving experience is with a human being behind the wheel.

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That being said, companies are not listening to my opinions or concerns. Driverless cars are probably the future, but how should we feel about that?

Driverless Vehicles

Tesla may be the most popular driverless vehicle on the road today with Elon Musk serving as CEO and headquartered here in Texas, but there are other companies testing out the same technology.

Argo AI is a startup company with backing by both Ford and Volkswagen and have announced that they'll be testing the first ever "robotaxi  service" in both Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida.

The plan is to eventually work with Lyft and offer services to customers in Austin and Miami.

Driverless Semi Trucks

Yep, it get's even scarier for me knowing that Texas is also the testing grounds for humanless big rigs. We've all had to deal with a 18-wheeler that doesn't seem to stay in his own lane on I-35 from time to time, but now we may have to trust that a driverless 18-wheeler is a better, safer option, and it may be.

According to Waymo, there were 36,096 road deaths in 2019, and 94% of those deaths were caused by human error. Self-driving technology uses radar, laser scanners, cameras, and GPS antennas that communicate with piloting software meant to make it a safe experience.

Advocates for driverless technology say self driving vehicles can be safer in the long run and prevent roadway deaths.

I remain skeptical on the driverless cars and trucks. I do think that eventually they'll be a safe option but until I'm convinced it is safer than human driving, I'll continue to take the wheel myself.

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