Wow, scary video shows baby falling out of a moving car in Houston, Texas traffic was sent to ABC13.

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As unbelievable as it was, no reports were phoned into the Houston Police Department.

Houston Traffic

We've seen some pretty crazy stuff in Houston traffic over the past couple of years. Back in January of 2021, video surfaced of a woman clinging for her dear life on the hood of a car after someone stole her dog worth $10,000. See the video and find out more about that story HERE

More recently we saw video of the "Houston Twerkers." A couple of women sitting in Houston traffic and putting on a free show by hopping on the ceiling of their car and twerking for anybody willing to watch. I know you're curious so here's a link to that story but be warned, YOU WILL SEE A WOMAN TWERKING!

Baby Falls Out of Moving Car in Houston Traffic

Check out the dashcam video below:

How the hell does something like this happen?

The Video

As you can see from the video, it looks like the back door of the vehicle opened and the child fell out onto the road as the car was making a right hand turn. The person who took the video said this happened about 4:30p in the 6600 block of the I-69 Southwest Freeway at Hilcroft.

The driver stopped immediately to run out and pick up the child. The woman looked to be in such a hurry that it looks like she just grabbed the child and got back in the front without securing the child in a child safety seat.

ABC13 says they reached out to Houston PD and was told nobody had reported the incident.


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