I pray to God I am never on a flight like this.

One thing I don't have patience for is flying. I am just trying to get from point A to point B and it seems like their is always an issue every time I fly. I will say though, I have never experienced an emergency landing. Looks like a Southwest Airlines flight out of Houston on Saturday had to make one, not because of a mechanical issue. It was an unruly passenger.

What Happened on Saturday?

A flight from Houston, Texas to Columbus, Ohio had to making an emergency landing in Little Rock, Arkansas. Flight crews on board said that a 34-year-old female passenger attempted to open one of the exit doors while in the air. She was restrained by the crew and at one point asked if the window could be open. She was told no, and attempted to go for the emergency door again.

It Gets Worse...

If this woman didn't cause enough of headache for everyone on board, she allegedly BIT another passenger while being subdued in her seat.  The woman allegedly said that "Jesus told her to open the plane door". Once the plane landed safely in Arkansas, the bit passenger got antibiotics and a hepatitis shot.

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The woman who caused this whole ordeal is now facing two federal charges. Assault with maritime and territorial jurisdiction and interference with flight crew/attendants. Hopefully this woman is placed on a no fly list with every airline in the United States. She clearly does not have the mental capacity to handle herself on a flight.

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