The Great Debate! The Great Debate between Gunner and I is, you run into some one and no one is around do you do the right thing and stay and find out who the owner is or do you just take off like nothing happened?

We all know Gunner is going to do the right thing so, that leaves me as the one who would just take off. Since the statute of limitations is up, I can admit one time in high school I backed into another kids car and took off. I just bumped it, it didn't dent it or scratch it so I just took off. I can neither confirm nor deny that it might have happened as adult as well.

One time Michael Todd and I were going to lunch and I was turning in a parking spot and my white Tahoe hit a little black car leaving of course white paint and scratches on the car. I was going to just go park somewhere else in the parking lot and Michael Todd convinced me to do the right thing. Doing the right thing turned into a whole big mess. Even though, I went in an located the owner and told them what I did, the guy lost it and threatened me and called the cops. The cops never should have been called because I told the guy I did it, got his information and told him I would fix it. It was so crazy the cops stayed until I finished my lunch and escorted us to my car.

Here is the reason I would be quick to hit and run, I have so many dings on my insurance I can't take another one. I'm not saying it's right by any means, but if nothing was damaged, then it's ok right?  No if I caused major damage to someone's vehicle I would definitely do the right thing and find out their info, wait for them to return or leave note.

These days it is not as easy to get away with it because there are cameras everywhere.

TSM South Jersey
TSM South Jersey

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