There are a few different types of sports fans. You have those who love to go to the games in person, enjoying the entire tailgating experience and the roar of the crowd. There are those who like to sit at home and watch the game, away from the crowds and loud noise and long concession stand lines. It is pretty nice to be able to just walk to the kitchen for snacks and something to drink! Then there are those who like to go to a local establishment and watch the game on big screens, surrounded by fellow fans and friends hopefully celebrating each score together. I go back and forth between all three of these, depending on weather conditions and season. But one thing I know for sure--is that we have NO shortage of cool places to go here in the Permian Basin to enjoy the game!

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One of the places my wife and I discovered last year when we went to a cell phone store to change carriers from the one we used in Chicago that doesn't exist here--was Woody's Hideaway on Starboard Drive in Midland. Awesome place with great food--nice sandwich selection and snacks--and great service. Plus a ton of TVs so you don't miss anything. This place is in the Little Woodrow's Family. Then you have the old standard Buffalo Wild Wings. Can't tell you how many countless games I've watched with friend at B-dubs... There's "10 Sports Bar and Grill" in Odessa, Walk On's in both Midland and Odessa.... The list goes on. We wanna know where YOU go to enjoy the game. Comment below and tell us!

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