Forget going all the way to Disney to get married in a castle, you can do it right here in Texas. Who knew Texas had its very own magic castle, Parson's Castle? You can make just about anything happen at this castle. You can get married, have a reception, a graduation, or a family reunion. This amazing castle is located about four hours and forty minutes from Midland in Clifton, near Waco.

It is a five-story castle that is located atop a cliff that overlooks Lake Whitney. It opened in 2019 and it now offering booing through 2023. Parson's Castle sits on 2.3 acres, has 11,500 sqft of venue space, 1,590 sqft guest house, 475 sqft pool, private hot tub, bridal suite, groom dressing room, and so much more.

Parsons Castle is one of the only castles you will find in Texas! Over a decade of planning, design, and construction, went into making Parsons Castle a unique, one-of-a-kind venue perfect for weddings, meetings, corporate parties, and big events. The majestic castle opened in 2018 and is five stories high with balconies on each floor overlooking the beautiful Lake Whitney. Our elegant 3,000-square-foot ballroom is the perfect place to host any event. The castle grounds also offer multiple gazebos, a large front lawn, a moat and draw bridge, a private pool, and much more for any outdoor event.    Parson's Castle 


Bosque Resort Castle via Youtube

Bosque Resort Castle via Youtube

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