He's finally going to pay for his crimes, hopefully. I am talking about Shawn Adkins, the former boyfriend of young Hailey Dunn's mother, Billie Dunn.

If you remember 13 year old Hailey Dunn went missing right after Christmas and was last seen by her mother's then boyfriend Shawn Adkins. After being reported missing Shawn Adkins told police that she left their home to walk to a friends house but the friend said Hailey never made it. Law enforcement began to scour the time and surrounding areas to no avail. Police began questioning Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins and of course knew nothing. Shawn quickly became a suspect when his story didn't add up to police and his cell phone pings proved he was some other than what he said he was. Shawn and Billie both failed lie detector tests. The story quickly became national news when Nancy Grace picked up the story. She would regularly  talk to Shawn and Billie and harshly question both of them but of course, neither one of them knew anything. What everyone found was that Billie and Shawn and Billie hosted a New Year's Party just days after her daughter had gone missing.

When police searched their home they found very questionable material including, books on serial killers, satanic material and child pornography on both the computer on he and Billie's home and and his mother's home.

Search parties searched and searched but never found poor Hailey 's remains. Two years later her remains were found on a piece of property owned by Shawn Adkins family but he still wasn't arrested. Eleven years would go by before he was ever arrested.

Monday afternoon the new broke that he had been arrested in connection to Hailey's murder. He was being held in the Howard County jail on a $2 million bond. He is now in the Scurry County jail, that is where Hailey lived and went missing.

So, hopefully, it looks like he is finally going to pay for his crimes. It also would not surprise me if Billie Dunn was eventually arrested as an accomplice or accessory after the fact because you can't tell me she didn't know anything. If you will remember she was arrested for lying about Shawn's were abouts  at the beginning of the investigation.

If you ask me I think they should throw him general population and let the prisoners find out what he did and they will inflict justice of their own.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown


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