We had Amy Adams from Andrews on the show this morning at 7:20am to talk about the fundraiser that's being held on July 15th from 10am-2pm both in-person AND on Facebook Live to raise money for animal shelters and rescue efforts for the Permian Basin. There will be all kinds of things happening that day--there will be an ice bucket challenge with donations to have someone get doused with ice over the head for the animals, there will be local celebrities and community officials put in "Animal Jail" and they'll need to get bailed out to raise funds for the cause, a pie in the face contest and so much more!

It's all being organized by a wonderful non-profit called "Jordan's Way". It's an organization that not only helps animals in shelters get adopted by creating awareness for them and the shelter they reside at (and some of them have been at these shelters for months or even years and need a good home)... Jordan's Way also assists in helping the shelters directly thru fundraisers like this one on the 15th. And they can't do it without the help of generous animal lovers everywhere.

I encourage you to click the link and like their page on Facebook and watch some of the videos they have on their page--especially one where Kris spends a few days in the shelter in a cage like one of the animal residents of a shelter to see what their day is like on a daily basis and what all they go thru. I watched and it sure was an eye-opener on what those fur babies live thru and how it's so easy to see their spirits broken thru no fault of the shelter trying to save them and get them a good forever home. Check it out for yourself and be there on the 15th for the Facebook Live event thru their page, or in person at 2430 SE 3601 in Andrews. And THANK YOU! - Gunner (Fellow Animal Lover)

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