Ah the Texas Power Grid. If there's one thing in the Lone Star State we know and sometimes loathe, other than the heat during the summer, it's the power grid. We've talked in the past about the struggles of the grid.

So much so that at one point, companies would automatically adjust air conditioners to ease the stress. But we're not talking about the heat in Texas, rather the cold. Specifically, we're discussing the freeze that occurred in 2021.

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For a full recap of how the Texas Power Grid ran into problems, the Texas Tribune detailed what occurred to cause the blackout. However, the effects are still felt in the state in the year of 2022.

Texas Power Bills Affected

According to our news partners at KWTX, The grid is still under reconstruction due to damage from the storm in 2021. Because of this, some have questioned the reliability in times of both drastic heat and bitter cold. Some Texas officials state that the grid is much better than in 2021, while other experts raise questions on if the grid has improved.

One thing is for sure however, prices on power bills are set to go up, as a way to help companies that lost money during the freeze. An energy fellow at the University of Houston, Ed Hirs, told KWTX that the price increase will "bail out the companies that lost billions during the freeze."

Another issue causing raising power bills? The cost increase of natural gas, which will also lead to higher bills. So as it stands, Texans will be faced with more budgeting for power.

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