When it comes to flying, if it's not one thing it's another. If you are flying one certain airline these days you have to be prepared for them to have a nationwide shut down. Then there is the weather, which we can never control; if one flight is affected, they are all affected.

I know most of you have flown out of Midland at some point. Some of you do it regularly and some every so often, so you know that going through TSA in Midland is worse than going through customs in a foreign country. Going through TSA here in Midland is so much more than major international airports like Miami, Las Vegas, or Houston.

Well the Midland TSA headache could be at an all-time high. According to Midland International Air and Space Port, TSA is changing out the X-ray equipment and now only has one working machine.

Beginning on April 24th, the TSA will replace their X-Ray machines at the checkpoint. This will result in only one operational lane for the next two weeks. They are calling in people to work OT and have officers from other regional airports coming to handle the passenger load on a single lane. Please arrive 2 hours early for your flight and remember to go through your bags to remove any prohibited items to keep the lane moving as efficiently as possible.


Midland International Air and Space Port is encouraging flight passengers to arrive at least two hours early and as you can see from their post, the lines to get through security can get quite lengthy.

No word on if it is affecting TSA Pre-Check passengers, I would assume they would allow those with pre-check to go first.

The exchange of equipment should be done this week, so travel shouldn't be affected going forward.


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